Reworking the Rewards System

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We’re going to move to a vote-token based system which will allow you to choose your own reward rather than being forced through a reward scheduled. These vote-tokens (name TBD by the way) will have a value of $0.10 USD in the donation shop (on the website) and can be used to discount, or pay-in-full for, any reward.

Vote tokens will be player tradeable as in-game items. When you vote, your vote-tokens will be delivered to your /rewardarchive so they don’t clutter your inventory. You will be able to remove and add tokens to your reward archive freely allowing you to use it as a bank/wallet of sorts – again to avoid inventory clutter.

Yes, this does mean that as web coupons happen rewards will also cost you less vote-tokens.

Yes, this also means you can take advantage of volume pricing on applicable items.

Yes, I’m aware some players are unable to open links from in game or otherwise run both Minecraft and a use a browser at the same time – I’m still thinking about the best way to serve this minority.

Get more details on the page linked above.