The Sky just opened up!

Introducing the Gateway to the Sky reward! By popular demand following the Halloween void world event I bring you the Sky World.

This new world exists above the overworld – yes, you can fly into it with an elytra and when you fall out of it you fall back into the overworld. It is a completely empty void world in perpetual night under the light of a full moon. It is of the same scale as the overworld and uses the same seed so biomes are aligned between the worlds.

So, if it’s empty what good is it? That’s where the reward comes in. When you consume the reward it will spawn a seed platform in the sky world “above” and create a teleportation gateway (see below) which you can use to teleport to your little slice of the sky.

FYI: there is a 20 second cooldown on flying back into the Sky world after falling out of it to limit the impact of world loading/unloading – this does not affect gateway usage.

This reward is priced at $15 in the online shop and 150 tokens in game. P.S. Remember to vote for tokens, and to explore the world to find tokens in loot chests/loot chest minecarts.