Introducing weekly and monthly voting bonuses!

TLDR; vote consistently and get twice the amount of tokens.

In addition to earning 1 token for every vote there are now weekly and monthly bonuses to take advantage of.

Weekly Bonus +10T
Vote 22 20 times or more in a week and get 10 bonus tokens.

Streaks over Weeks +10T
Get up to 10 more tokens for having voted 22 20 times or more in previous weeks.
+5T if W -1 meets the goal
+3T if W -2 meets the goal
+2T if W -3 or W -4 meets the goal

Yes, you therefore can earn up to +20T bonus EVERY WEEK!

Weeks run from Saturday through Friday (Defined in US/Pacific time). If you vote on Friday, and have met the voting goal, you will receive your bonus immediately. If you have met the goal but don’t vote on Friday your bonus will be calculated and distributed automatically on the following day.

Monthly Bonus +25T to +50T
Vote 100 90 times or more in a month and receive 25 bonus tokens.
– Be, or tie for, the top voter in a month and get another 25 bonus tokens (for a total bonus of 50T).

This bonus is calculated and distributed on the first day of the following month.
Sometimes votes just don’t register, and that’s not fair, so being within 2 5 votes of the top voter is good enough to qualify for a tie – but you still must have at least 100 90 votes.

Lucky Votes
1:33 chance for +5T
1:100 chance for +10T
1:1k chance for +50T
1:10k chance for +100T

All Together
You can now earn over 250 tokens in a month – compare this to the roughly 110-125 tokens previously.