Nether Hype! is launching 1.16.1 at 3pm EDT / 8pm BST / 1900 GMT TODAY! Use coupon code nether-hype for 20% off the entire donation store, this week only, with coupon code nether-hype.

We’ll have a new, smaller, pvp friendly drop-exit spawn and of course all of the new hotness of the nether update.

To kick things off at 2 hours prior to going live with 1.16 join us to send off the old spawn with a bang as we blow it up with over 80,000 TNT. Overkill? I think not! That sucker is HUGE! Everyone who joins for this event will be put into spectator mode so you can truly enjoy the show. Yes, you’ll need a decent computer to watch things happen in real time but don’t worry, all 80k won’t go off at once. The server is set to limit the number of simultaneous explosions so it will be a far more dramatic chain reaction than all going off at once!

Reward auto fulfillment has been turned off for the remaining hours of 1.15 so you can feel safe in placing an order and know that your items will meet you in 1.16!