Happy Halloween!

Minepurist has an all new Halloween event this year!

The entire Halloween world is keep inventory. Some areas are PVP enabled
Use command /halloween to go directly to the event.

Explore around, enjoy the games, sights and sounds, sample the food and
bring home some Halloween decorations and artwork for you to keep!

New events, masks, artwork, and decoration items arriving every Friday
through the month of October!

About the Artwork
All artwork is imported as custom maps and cannot be copied. Please keep in mind that having too many maps on your walls can cause your client to lag. Don’t over do it! Also, remember that the ‘statues’ reward book found at /spawn can be used to hide item frames making the artwork appear as if
it were sitting directly on the surface under it.

Use coupon code Halloween-2020 to get 20% off and receive
5 bonus tokens for every $1 donated through the month of October.