1.19 Survival is Live!

PhantomsBane survival 1.19 has launched!
Use coupon code ‘mild-wild‘ through Saturday July 9th for 25% off the entire donation shop.

Your 1.18 builds are safe for now and you can still access the 1.18 server via the /lobby. I’ll enable the /makemybackup command on the 1.18 server soon(ish) and leave that server up for at least another week (after I enable the backup command) so you can keep your builds forever if you so choose.

Also, Happy 4th of July to those in the USA 😀

Welcome to Phantoms Bane!

At long last the website and donation shop are back up and the rebranding is… well started 😉

The donation shop is now OPEN. For now, all rewards will route to the “Exploration Haven” map. I’ll be working on multi-server support but for now if you would like your donation rewards to be moved to the “Raiders Paradise” map send me a DM in game or on Discord.

Get 20% off with coupon code hello-2022

Happy Halloween!

Minepurist has an all new Halloween event this year!

The entire Halloween world is keep inventory. Some areas are PVP enabled
Use command /halloween to go directly to the event.

Explore around, enjoy the games, sights and sounds, sample the food and
bring home some Halloween decorations and artwork for you to keep!

New events, masks, artwork, and decoration items arriving every Friday
through the month of October!

About the Artwork
All artwork is imported as custom maps and cannot be copied. Please keep in mind that having too many maps on your walls can cause your client to lag. Don’t over do it! Also, remember that the ‘statues’ reward book found at /spawn can be used to hide item frames making the artwork appear as if
it were sitting directly on the surface under it.

Use coupon code Halloween-2020 to get 20% off and receive
5 bonus tokens for every $1 donated through the month of October.

Weekly and Monthly vote bonuses just got a little easier to earn!

  • Monthly vote bonus (25T) is now at 90 votes instead of 100
  • Top Voter (25T) “close enough” range increased to 5, up from 2
    • E.G. If the top voter had 120 votes you will still get the top voter payout if you got 115 votes
  • Weeks-N-Streaks now count at 20 votes per week minimum instead of 22
    • Variable reward, up to 20T PER WEEK when you reach a 4 week streak!

Nether Hype!

phantomsbane.net is launching 1.16.1 at 3pm EDT / 8pm BST / 1900 GMT TODAY! Use coupon code nether-hype for 20% off the entire donation store, this week only, with coupon code nether-hype.

We’ll have a new, smaller, pvp friendly drop-exit spawn and of course all of the new hotness of the nether update.

To kick things off at 2 hours prior to going live with 1.16 join us to send off the old spawn with a bang as we blow it up with over 80,000 TNT. Overkill? I think not! That sucker is HUGE! Everyone who joins for this event will be put into spectator mode so you can truly enjoy the show. Yes, you’ll need a decent computer to watch things happen in real time but don’t worry, all 80k won’t go off at once. The server is set to limit the number of simultaneous explosions so it will be a far more dramatic chain reaction than all going off at once!

Reward auto fulfillment has been turned off for the remaining hours of 1.15 so you can feel safe in placing an order and know that your items will meet you in 1.16!

Introducing weekly and monthly voting bonuses!

TLDR; vote consistently and get twice the amount of tokens.

In addition to earning 1 token for every vote there are now weekly and monthly bonuses to take advantage of.

Weekly Bonus +10T
Vote 22 20 times or more in a week and get 10 bonus tokens.

Streaks over Weeks +10T
Get up to 10 more tokens for having voted 22 20 times or more in previous weeks.
+5T if W -1 meets the goal
+3T if W -2 meets the goal
+2T if W -3 or W -4 meets the goal

Yes, you therefore can earn up to +20T bonus EVERY WEEK!

Weeks run from Saturday through Friday (Defined in US/Pacific time). If you vote on Friday, and have met the voting goal, you will receive your bonus immediately. If you have met the goal but don’t vote on Friday your bonus will be calculated and distributed automatically on the following day.

Monthly Bonus +25T to +50T
Vote 100 90 times or more in a month and receive 25 bonus tokens.
– Be, or tie for, the top voter in a month and get another 25 bonus tokens (for a total bonus of 50T).

This bonus is calculated and distributed on the first day of the following month.
Sometimes votes just don’t register, and that’s not fair, so being within 2 5 votes of the top voter is good enough to qualify for a tie – but you still must have at least 100 90 votes.

Lucky Votes
1:33 chance for +5T
1:100 chance for +10T
1:1k chance for +50T
1:10k chance for +100T

All Together
You can now earn over 250 tokens in a month – compare this to the roughly 110-125 tokens previously.

The Sky just opened up!

Introducing the Gateway to the Sky reward! By popular demand following the Halloween void world event I bring you the Sky World.

This new world exists above the overworld – yes, you can fly into it with an elytra and when you fall out of it you fall back into the overworld. It is a completely empty void world in perpetual night under the light of a full moon. It is of the same scale as the overworld and uses the same seed so biomes are aligned between the worlds.

So, if it’s empty what good is it? That’s where the reward comes in. When you consume the reward it will spawn a seed platform in the sky world “above” and create a teleportation gateway (see below) which you can use to teleport to your little slice of the sky.

FYI: there is a 20 second cooldown on flying back into the Sky world after falling out of it to limit the impact of world loading/unloading – this does not affect gateway usage.

This reward is priced at $15 in the online shop and 150 tokens in game. P.S. Remember to vote for tokens, and to explore the world to find tokens in loot chests/loot chest minecarts.

The Far TP rewards are now fully self-service!

The all new, self-service Far TP reward system will let you pick the direction to jump and what biome to land in! Simply open your Far TP reward book and follow its simple instructions to launch the interactive chat system outlined below.

Because I’m sure you are wondering – the answer is that of coarse this Far TP system is smart enough to never land you anywhere near someone else’s base, or conversely anyone else near your base.

FarTP Usage
FarTP Usage

Minepurist is Buzzing

We’ve updated our map to 1.15.1!

As part of this update we “removed” a large number of chunks to allow them to regenerate thereby bringing the bees closer to you. Of course this may mean that, if you have parts of your base more than 1,000 blocks away and don’t have a home there, you may find some things missing. But don’t panic. Your builds are not gone, they are just over in the corner chilling out and _Ross__ can go get them for you.

As part of this update we’ve increased the overworld size to +/- 1 Million blocks so there is plenty of room for you to find the perfect location for your pollination.

Here are a few rewards to help you get to your new lands with utmost haste!

Reworking the Rewards System

For the full description see https://phantomsbane.net/changing-reward-system/

We’re going to move to a vote-token based system which will allow you to choose your own reward rather than being forced through a reward scheduled. These vote-tokens (name TBD by the way) will have a value of $0.10 USD in the donation shop (on the website) and can be used to discount, or pay-in-full for, any reward.

Vote tokens will be player tradeable as in-game items. When you vote, your vote-tokens will be delivered to your /rewardarchive so they don’t clutter your inventory. You will be able to remove and add tokens to your reward archive freely allowing you to use it as a bank/wallet of sorts – again to avoid inventory clutter.

Yes, this does mean that as web coupons happen rewards will also cost you less vote-tokens.

Yes, this also means you can take advantage of volume pricing on applicable items.

Yes, I’m aware some players are unable to open links from in game or otherwise run both Minecraft and a use a browser at the same time – I’m still thinking about the best way to serve this minority.

Get more details on the page linked above.