Nether Roof Access Point – Now Operational

The “Nether Roof Access Point” reward is now implemented and its use is self-service.

What it does: This reward removes the top layer of bedrock from an area of the nether roof and replaces it with bottom slabs. This area is centered on the chunk the player is standing in when they redeem the reward and is 17×17 chunks (272×272 blocks) in size.

The center of the area is marked by using a different type of slab (red nether brick slab) for your convenience. By removing the top layer of bedrock there will be multiple “holes” through the roof which you can use to get up/down.

When you redeem the reward it will take a couple of seconds (about 4) to prepare the access point, after which you will be teleported onto the roof to the center of the access area.

Be careful around the edges though – if you step up on the top bedrock layer of the roof (or otherwise go over it) you’ll be TP’d to nether spawn. I’ll work on improving this behavior but that’s how it is for now.

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Coupon valid through midnight Sunday 12/15.

Welcome to the new website!

There’s still a lot of work to do around here but everything should be functional – even if it isn’t looking quite right just yet 😉

The new donation store is ready to go! The shop will get more rewards added in the coming weeks but something is better than nothing right?

All donations will now go to instead of someones personal paypal account – yup that feels better to me too. Also we now accept credit cards via paypal – remember kids, ask mom or dad for permission first please.

For now, fulfilling your orders is a manual process. I’ll be working to code up integration with the server to automate this shortly (I hope). Don’t worry though, I’ll get an email and desktop notifications so I’m not likely to miss your order. I thank you in advance for your patience!

When placing an order be sure to register with your in game name. If you forget to do this that’s OK – I’ll just email you for your IGN, but that will slow things down.

Ban appeals will no longer be handled via forums. Instead there is a dedicated page for submitting a ban appeal.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to put some polish on the old rules. The rules haven’t really changed but they should be easier to understand now.