Server Rules

Rule 1 – no unfair advantages

This means no cheating!
DO NOT use hacked clients or xray texture packs.
DO NOT abuse game glitches/bugs/exploits.
DO NOT attempt to duplicate items or setup a chunk rollback exploit.
If you’re considering doing something that will “give you an edge over everyone else” – you should also consider that it may get you banned.

You may use Optifine.

TNT Duping (lit TNT entity ONLY)
  • You may have up to 4-16 active TNT dupers running at a time.
  • 4-16? WTF? Really it’s more about the number of TNT detonated per second but that is impossible for you to measure. Roughly this means…
    • If you are spawning a TNT every 1-2 ticks then you can have 4-8 of those running at once.
    • A standard flying hole digger can use up to about 8-12 dupers.
    • If you are using a tunnel digger with multiple seconds between detonations then you can have up to 16-20 dupers.
    • Basically if you’re causing lag, expect to be asked to turn some off.
  • You MAY NOT ride a TNT duper flying machine across the map – the movement of all flying dupers must be constrained with end-stops of some form.

Breaking Unbreakable Blocks

  • You may break Bedrock. Do not make void traps.
  • You may break End Gateway blocks in the end (they look like an end portal but have sides). Do not break sky-access gateway blocks in the overworld.
  • You may break End Portal Frames / End Portals outside the first ring of strongholds. The first ring of strongholds are those under 3500 blocks from 0,0. Use /myrange to see how far out you are.

Neather Roof access is available only at player created access points. Those access points are created with the Nether Roof Access Point reward. If you get onto the roof outside an access point you will be TP’d down and sent to the nether spawn (near 0,0).

Rule 2 – your speech might have consequences

At Phantoms Bane we aim to keep server toxicity levels in check & our chat rules are a large part of this.

We do NOT tolerate any type of racism, sexism, homophobia, bullying, or hate speech on Phantoms Bane in a public or targeted format, nor do we tolerate any type of threat to do real harm.

Most language is allowed, but this not a prison yard. The use of words commonly associated with derogatory meaning are not allowed, even when used in a non-derogatory context. In short, no N-word (or any variant thereof including the common greeting form/usage of the word), no C-word (just call them a bitch instead).

Do not advertise other servers and do not spam messages in Phantoms Bane’s chat.

As a reminder, speech is not always done with words, do not build things that would signify hate in any way either, such as Nazism.

Rule 3 – don’t impede staff performing duties

Do not attempt to keep the server staff (mods and admins) from being able to perform their duties. You may speak your mind to them, you may voice your disapproval for something, but intentionally trying to tie up an admin from being able to preform his or her duties may result in you being removed from the server. When staff asks you to drop a subject, it is in your own best interest to do so.

Take long, or sensitive, discussions to discord. People are here to play a game and quickly tire of long tirades flooding game chat.
Tip: Respectful disagreement will get you a lot further in life than being an asshole.

Rule 4 – sorry, you don’t get special privileges

Do not ask for any special favors from the staff of Phantoms Bane. Do not ask them for items, for privileged information (such as the world seed, another players base location, etc), and don’t bother asking for op – it’s not going to happen.

Do not attempt to bribe server staff to attain any special privileges. You are encouraged to view the available vote and donation rewards and to suggest new rewards if there is something you would like to see made available.

Attempting any cash bribe, or other favor or service, of any Phantoms Bane staff member is subject to an immediate ban. You may be tempted to “joke” about doing so – but consider that you will be banned before questions are asked and the appeal for such a ban is not likely to go in your favor under any circumstance.

Rule 5 – do not evade your ban

If you were banned you may submit an appeal on this website. An admin will review your case promptly, generally within a few minutes to a day.

Do not try to evade your ban on the server by logging on under another IP address or another username. Evading a ban will likely result in your appeal being denied.

Rule 6 – do not bully others

Excessive bullying on the server will not be tolerated. If you are reported for bullying, you could face consequences of doing so. Bullying types include through privates messages, repeated teleportation requests, portal trapping, or use of other language or actions on the server that could induce a negative, toxic atmosphere between players.

Do not trap a players for a protracted period of time. Doing so will result in no less than a temp ban and may result in a perm ban. Generally staff will step in after 5 minutes and request the aggressor to step down – but the staff will likely not care at all if you are trapped in the trade room because you attempted to scam someone.


  • we do not allow the use of nude skins
  • if you walk the line of the rules, expect that line to move
  • don’t take kicks personally – they are just an informational warning most times – sometimes they are the best way a mod or admin can be sure you get the message (literally)
  • if you play with fire expect to get burnt – continually annoying staff may result in a tempban or even a perm ban depending how good of a job you did


Times change and so do rules, we hold the right to change the rules on the server at anytime without notification to the public beforehand and handle issues on a case-by-case basis as sometimes circumstance matters a great deal.