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Do you find your pets in Minecraft tend to be a little… suicidal? Well this little friend cannot die. Choose from any of the standard pet animals and we’ll make sure they are a forever-bud (well, at least until the next map).

You may choose from any of the standard pets: cat, dog, parrot, tamed fox (not quite a pet but close enough) as well as a Strider or Llama (with 15 inventory slots should you add a chest). These pets will act the same as any other vanilla animal – those which do not TP will not TP when you do (but you can call them to you with the /whistle command).



Custom Command for Immortal Pets /whistle will let you call your immortal pets to you no mater where they are! You can call any immortal pet to you with this system even foxes, striders, and llamas. Also, this system will save your immortal pets from falling into the void and record if they somehow manage to die despite being invulnerable. Should a pet get lost the system will notify you when it locates one of your pets and if ever it “loses” them again it will tell you roughly where they were last known to be so you have somewhere to start searching around – let me (_Ross__) know if it is losing them or tracking them well so I can continue to improve the immortal pet experience.

You can rename your immortal pets at any time with /renameentity. Now with 1.16 you can use any color, not just the 16 named colors. To do so start the naming process, click a color, then replace the color name with #<HEX_COLOR> such as /nameentity #FF8000 Jasper for a nifty orange.

All reward books will be delivered to your in-game reward archive (/rewardarchive) and can be put back in (/rewardarchive put). All reward books in your reward archive at the time of a map reset will carry over to the new map. Once a reward book has been used in game to redeem the reward that book is consumed.