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The Night Vision Capacitor (NVC) enchantment can be added to any Helmet. It will amplify the duration of Night Vision potions CONSUMED and store a night vision charge within the helmet itself. Additionally this enchantment protects all Night Vision effects from being removed with Milk – while all other enchantments will be removed as usual.


  • Charging the NVC
    • Drinking a 3 min pot gives +10 min of NV charge.
    • Drinking¬† an 8 min pot gives +20 min of NV charge.
    • When you apply this enchantment you will get 1 hour of NV charge for free.
    • Splash / Lingering pots DO NOT directly store charge!
    • There is no limit to how much charge you can store – but if you die you will lose charge.
  • Use command /nvtoggle to turn your night vision on and off!
  • Auto-power saving!
    • If you do not move for some amount of time NVC will go into power saving mode and stop draining NV charge.
  • Death Penalty
    • You will lose charge if you die while wearing a helmet with NVC! The amount of charge lost depends on the usage state of NVC.
    • Lose 35% charge if effect is toggled off (/nvtoggle to off state).
    • Lose 50% charge if effect is toggled on but is in power-saving.
    • Lose 80% charge if effect is toggled on and actively in use.
    • You will be informed of charge loss in the event of your death.

All reward books will be delivered to your in-game reward archive (/rewardarchive). All reward books in your reward archive at the time of a map reset will carry over to the new map. Once a reward book has been used in game to redeem the reward that book is consumed.

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